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Preschool Programs

LifeWays Early Childhood Center offers two preschool programs for children ages 3-6:


LifeWays’ KinderHouse is a mixed-age preschool program based upon the importance of movement, play and fantasy for the young child. 

The KinderHouse children play circle games and explore language through songs and poems. They dress up to become kings and queens, mothers and fathers, or other characters inspired by the stories brought to them by their teacher. They paint, color, enjoy puppet plays, grind grain, bake bread, make soup, model beeswax, and play outdoors in nature all while learning to play together. Time spent exploring the world in this active and creative way gives children the experiences they need to build a healthy foundation for future academic learning. 


In KinderForest, every tree is a jungle gym; every fallen log a balance beam; every leaf, flower, snowflake, stick and shell a gift from nature. The forest along the river behind the LifeWays Center becomes our “home away from home”.

Here we discover the river and forest’s changes since our last visit. We take long hikes, climb trees, and look for tracks and treasures in all sorts of weather. In the winter we slide on ice, make snowmen, and explore the frozen wonderland Jack Frost and King Winter have created.

Each day we celebrate being in nature with songs, poems and circle games. We share a snack together, upon a picnic blanket in spring and fall and sitting upon logs or icebergs in the winter. We may work on a nature craft or other project. We enjoy a nature story, fairy tale or simple puppet play. 

If the weather is too inclement, we come inside early and continue to share a Forest Kindergarten experience together until it’s time to say, “Bye, bye, butterfly.”

For families who value fresh air and physical activity, nature exploration and appreciation of its beauty, and getting their hands and jeans dirty, the Forest Kindergarten program is just the thing. 

Each of our preschool programs meets two mornings per week, 9:00 – 11:30 a.m., from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  They serve children ages 3-6 who are potty-trained. Children may extend their day through lunch -- or to a full day -- in one of our mixed-age childcare suites.

“Play is the highest phase of child development—of human development at this state…It gives therefore joy, freedom, contentment, inner and outer rest, peace with the world. It holds the sources of all that is good.”

Friedrich Froebel