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Jaimmie Stugard, LifeWays Milwaukee Director and KinderHouse Teacher
Began at LifeWays in 2002

A lifelong caregiver, Jaimmie has been caring for children since she was a preteen.  She was introduced to LifeWays as a college student, when she was welcomed into the center to complete her student observation.  She was so inspired by LifeWays philosophy and practices that she asked to volunteer.  Before long, she was offered a position as a caregiver.  Many years later, she was honored to step into the role of director when LifeWays Milwaukee’s founder, Mary O’Connell, moved on to work extensively with LifeWays North America, training early childhood educators across the country in LifeWays unique approach to child care. 
Jaimmie continues to work directly with the children as the KinderHouse teacher.  She also teaches music and is a guest lecturer in the Midwest LifeWays Training.  She has served on LifeWays Board of Directors since 2003.
Jaimmie completed the LifeWays Early Childhood Certification in 2006 and has earned her Child Care Administration Credential through UW-Milwaukee.  She is a wife and mother of two lovely young children and resides in Bay View.  She is an avid reader, storyteller, musician, artist and nature enthusiast. She enjoys hiking, camping, singing, homemaking, gardening, crafting and the good company of her friends, neighbors and family.       

LifeWays Staff

Sandra Schmidt, Primary Caregiver
Began at LifeWays in 2013.

Sandra has a BFA in Film from UW-Milwaukee.  She started working with young children in the fall of 2001 at Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua, Wisconsin.  She has been active in the Biodynamic community and enjoys gardening with the children here.  Sandra loves the home environment that LifeWays provides to children and the fact that we get to spend our mornings in the woods.  She is the mother of two sons: Duncan (age 24) and Ian (age 22). 

Belinda Kenwood, Primary Caregiver 
Worked at LifeWays: 2004-2008, 2015-present

Belinda Kenwood is the mother of two children, a son in college and a daughter in high school. She has worked with young children for 23-years in both traditional and Waldorf early childhood environments.  An experienced caregiver in center based care settings as well as a Waldorf inspired home care setting, she has also served as a preschool teacher, afterschool care teacher, preschool summer camp director and a Waldorf kindergarten teacher at Prairie Hill Waldorf School, where both her children attended school from Kindergarten through 8th grade.   Profoundly inspired by Waldorf Education’s holistic approach to educating the developing child, she registered for the LifeWays Early Childhood Training course in East Troy, WI and received her certificate of completion the summer of 2004.  
She continues her study of child and human development and remains passionate about the LifeWays way of caring for very young children where the focus is on the importance of relationship based care in a mixed-age, home-like environment, and where the Creative Arts, Nurturing Arts, Social Arts and Practical Life Skills are practiced on a daily basis.
Along with her LifeWays Early Childhood Training certificate, Belinda holds a B.A. in a duo-major, Special Education for the Hearing Impaired and Elementary Education, from Michigan State University and is a board member of LifeWays of Wisconsin.
Jennifer Grimes, Primary Caregiver
Began at LifeWays in 2015

Jennifer has studied Early Childhood Education at Cardinal Stritch University and completed the LifeWays Early Childhood Certification in 2011.  Her specialties are sleep support, early language development and fun!  She especially enjoys exploring with young children the science and cultural aspects of Wisconsin seasons.  Jennifer lives in Shorewood, WI and is the wife and mother of two children plus four pets.
Tamara Treviranus, Caregiver & Cook
Began at LifeWays in 2010

Tammy has completed course work in Cultural Anthropology at UW-Milwaukee and is a certified Massage Therapist. She is the mother to two children, both of whom grew and thrived at LifeWays in their younger years. Tammy's favorite way to spend her time is gardening and growing food for her family, cooking and eating.
Tammy's favorite thing about LifeWays is the experience of being in a village where home, family, friends, children and whole foods are valued and working in harmony to support these ideals.
Mikayla Wilder – Caregiver 
Began at LifeWays in 2016

Mikayla is a Riverwest native who has been babysitting around the neighborhood since she was eleven years old.  She has also occasionally helped out in the classroom at La Escuela Fratney during monthly PTA meetings.  Mikayla became acquainted with Lifeways after walking a few neighborhood children to the center each morning.   She is currently studying Speech Pathology at UW- Milwaukee and plans to work in a school setting with younger kids. She loves the cozy ambience at Lifeways & enjoys spending time in nature with cute little people.